Why The Instant Gratification Generation Needs Upitch


There are few things millennials crave more than instant gratification. It’s hardly their fault – growing up with texting, social media, movies “On Demand,” GrubHub, Tinder, Uber – has created a generation that is accustomed to instant gratification, and not keen on waiting for results.

A blogger for The Huffington Post, Andy Karuza, describes the millennial generation accurately when he says: “They’re busy and sometimes they only have time to skim a few bullet points. If they like what they see, then they’ll read more. Can we blame them? Millennials’ digitized lifestyle and media consumption have conditioned them to be really good at ignoring things.”

So then, it makes sense that an app like Upitch would appeal to this generation more than any other. And, surely, Gen Z is going to appreciate this sort of instant return even more. Look no further than a piece from CNBC about the youngest generation entering the workforce; “Gen Z is used to receiving real-time social media updates so they carry the same behaviors and need for instant gratification into the workplace.” To the delight of Gen Y and Z, on both the journalist and PR side of Upitch, the process of pitching and connecting for more information are instantaneous….

For the publicist or business owner doing the public relations pitching, they simply (and quickly) upload a 400-character mini pitch, along with photos and links to a website and social media. Immediately upon hitting “publish,” the mini pitch is now available instantly to be seen by any journalists following the tags associated with the pitch.

For journalists and bloggers looking for relevant story ideas, they simply need to download Upitch and set their search parameters – location and topics – and begin swiping (right for yes, left for no – just like Tinder!) through relevant pitches. Seeing only 400 characters and some images will prove to be so much more effective and efficient than an inbox full of wordy, irrelevant pitch emails to be sorted through.

Once a journalist or blogger swipes right, that’s when the real fun begins (also just like Tinder!). The pitcher gets a notification that someone is interested in their pitch and can then message the journalist directly on Upitch’s in-app messenger. That’s when plans can be made to schedule interviews, ship samples, send quotes, etc.

In an age where young professionals are doing everything from dating to ordering dinner, through apps, and in a culture where we have grown to expect instant results, it only makes sense that millennials, and Gen Z after them, would opt to do business in an equally streamlined manner.

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