Upitch Champions Cultural, Religious & Sexual Diversity in the News


It should go without saying, but in these tense filled times we feel the need to let the Upitch community, and those who will join our community know that our app champions and embraces diversity in the news. We encourage a diverse cross section of story pitches and press releases on our app to reflect all Americans as well as our global citizens the world over.

Barring news that is deemed harmful or hate speech, the Upitch app welcomes news across all topics and categories of newsworthy interest. No matter the culture, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, racial affiliation or industry – All Are Welcome Here.

We have worked hard to curate a diverse selection of traditional journalists, bloggers, producers, publicists, startups and large brands. Upitch is proud to showcase LGBT news, Muslim news, Jewish news, Christian news, Buddhist news, Hindu news, Sikh news, African American news, Asian news, news about feminist issues, and more on our app.

We are also proud to state that our journalists cover a wide variety of beats and topics, and they are eager to discover your news on the Upitch app.

We hope our platform will not only move the public relations and media industries forward. We hope to be known as a progressive news platform for ALL Americans and for our colleagues around the world.

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