The Media Industry is Stressful. So Go Hug a Tree.


Whether you are a reporter, editor, producer, blogger, publicist or part of a startup, it’s a safe bet that you’re stressed. STRESS! It seems to be the word of the hour in these times, and the media industry is a big culprit when it comes to inducing stress. You’re constantly having to bring your A game, produce big results, meet tight deadlines and sometimes those factors play such a large role in your day to day life that you forget that life is so much more than having your smartphone permanently attached to your hand or your head. Well, life is about more than that, much more.

Think about life on this physical plane of existence as an amazing ride that you signed up for. You charted your coarse, laid down your plans, purchased your ticket and you’re off to the races. Why not get the full flavor of the bean. Get your money’s worth. The miracle of life is all around you.

You don’t have to look far to witness a miracle on this planet. The blue sky, a sunset, fresh cut grass, lakes, the ocean, trees, a cool or warm breeze, a first snowfall. Studies show that when we connect with our earth, it lowers stress, improves our immunity, and centers our energy.

Heard the expression “Tree Hugger?” It sounds laughable, right? Well, it’s not. While watching a YouTube video the other day we listened to some pretty sage advice about the merits of walking barefoot in the grass or on sand, wading in the ocean and, yes, hugging trees, and we figured, “What the hell?”

Trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, shade, beauty, and they are majestic and strong. Know what else? They are alive. They have consciousness. They have a life force. The first time I hugged a tree, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I could actually feel the tree sway, contract, swell, and I could feel it’s strong life force. I felt so centered, so rooted (no pun intended). Then, I took off my shoes and walked back and forth on the grass. How often to your bare feet make direct contact with our earth? When I confessed my new tree hugging pass time to a friend, he joked, “No one saw you do that, right?” I laughed. I don’t know if I was seen or not, but I don’t intend to stop any time soon.

Life and work can get noisy, hectic, and sometimes downright scary. It can take your eye off the ball about what’s important. Let yourself live. Jump in the ocean, pet your dog, walk barefoot in the grass, count the stars in the night sky and hug a tree. It will change your life.

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